GOLF-ST | Golf Oscillation Laser Fixator | Swing Plane Tuner

GOLF-ST | Golf Oscillation Laser Fixator | Swing Plane Tuner

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Want To Swing Those Golf Clubs More Like The Pro's Do In The Masters? 

" The astonishing and truly impressive GOLF-ST's results speak for themselves. "

We've seen on average, a 22% accuracy improvement during the first trial release of this simple but super effective golf training miracle tool.  Since those trials we have only seen time and time again, incredible and almost unbelievable accuracy improvements with every type of Golfer, each with their own individual golf swings and their correctional or fine tuning needs.

Improvements were seen in 96% of all golfers that took part in the extended trials and testing events duration.

Of that 96%, the average chip shot to green accuracy positioning average had shown us incredible improvements of between 18% to 26% spot on accurate shots taken success rates. 

The results speak 1,000 words, and swings, which guarantee's that the GOLF-ST's Golf Oscillation Laser Fixator for ALL types of Swing Tuning WILL IMPROVE YOUR GOLF SWING!





The GOLF-ST Oscillation Laser Fixator Swing Tuner is a perfect fit for any golfer due to it's eas switch setup between left & right handed golfers.


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Battery Operated

Swing Trainer




Packing Size:

Metal 7.8x1.6cm 86g 3x3x8cm



It's Literally As Simple As 1, 2, 3. No Jokes!
  1. First, turn the screws and fix the laser pointer on the top of the grip.
  2. All you need to do is find or create a target line to measure your oscillating plane. (alignment sticks work best).
  3. Practice your swing until the laser stays parallel to your target line along your swing, checking you during your swing, downswing and following.


With some practice using this laser golf flight trainer you will develop muscle memory and by practicing with your own clubs, you can easily transfer your training to the course and improve your golf swing in no time.

Works best when swinging to give you the feeling of being on the right plane.

This item has been purchased by many golf professionals / coaches who use them for all their new students / clients. 

Usage & Content:

Place the laser on the handle and swing it, you can see the red line emitted by the laser, and then check if the red line is in the correct direction.

If the laser's red beam is pointing backward, the swing posture is too high, and the red beam is pointing forward, it indicates that the swing posture is too low.

The red laser beam is facing the golf ball and the swing posture is correct. (Pictured)


Your Package Includes:

  • 1 x Sight (without grip)


Improve Your Golfing Game & Start Swinging Like A Pro In The Masters!