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Introducing the DJi Mini 2!

The DJI Mini 2, or the Mavic Mini 2 (as some might want to call it), is the latest newer model of its predecessor, the DJI Mavic Mini which was recently released on the 5th of November last year. You can see now why some would like to call it the DJi Mavic Mini 2. Regardless of its name choice, this little drone, weighing in at only 249 grams, less than the average jar of jam, will definitely not disappoint!

There are 3 available combos for you to choose from when shopping for your DJi Mini 2 at EcstaTech's Online Tech Store which are the, DJi Mini 2 Fly Standard Combo, the DJi Mini 2 Fly More Combo and the DJi Mini 2 Fly Further Combo.

Which ever DJi Mini 2 Combo you decide on, you can feel confident, and proud, in knowing that you have just invested in one of the most impressive drones on the market in terms of performance and build quality and intelligence by the use of some really smart tech!

So what makes the DJi Mini 2 such a great drone to own, either as a beginner deciding on his first drone, or a drone professional looking to add a new drone to his or her collection that can bring with it a new edge that your collection otherwise did not have before?


So what makes the DJi Mini 2 such a great drone to own?

Well, if you enjoyed the DJi Mavic Mini as thoroughly as we did, then there is no doubt that you will love the Mini 2 just as much as we do. This confident statement is due to the vast improvements and upgrades made to the DJi Mavic Mini, which of course lead DJi to bring us us the DJi Mini 2 Ultralight Drone . We've listed some of the facts and figures under the specifications tab so we're going to stop talking now and let you crush some stats in your heads because you'll soon see, there are plenty! Head over to the next tab to see all the stats and features.

Improved Camera Performance

  DJI Mini 2 DJI Mavic Mini
Video 4K/30fps 2.7K/30fps
Zoom 4x Zoom Not supported
Photo format JPEG, RAW JPEG


Epic Range Enhancement

  DJI Mini 2 DJI Mavic Mini
Transmission OcuSync 2.0 Wi-Fi
Transmission Range 10 km (FCC) 4 km (FCC)


Flight Safety Optimisation

  DJI Mini 2 DJI Mavic Mini
Max Flight Speed 16 m/s 13 m/s
Wind Resistance Level 5 Level 4


Added Functioning Intelligence

  DJI Mini 2 DJI Mavic Mini
QuickShots Dronie, Circle, Helix, Rocket, and Boomerang Dronie, Circle, Helix, and Rocket
Panorama Sphere, 180°and Wide-Angle Not supported
Editing Enhanced Photo Not supported
Downloading QuickTransfer, Trimmed Download Not supported


With all these improvements as well as the additional benefits of the new QuickTransfer, whenever near to a paired smartphone, and the newly added Panorama option, that makes stunning cinematic video look easy, the DJi Mini 2 has proven itself to be an outstanding choice for any professional drone enthusiast or novice who is only beginning to decide on which drone is best for them.

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