Cofoe Forehead & Wrist Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer.

Cofoe Forehead & Wrist Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

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Infrared Digital Thermometer

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Cofoe Adult & Baby Thermometer with Infrared Digital Temperature Display

Cofoe is used in many places, such as government units, banks, subways, large supermarkets, restaurant and many more. a brand that is definitely trusted by everyone, even presidents and government officials!

The principle of the non-contact thermometer is to use the probe to detect the infrared temperature of the human body which reduces physical contact and the spread of germs.

" Just 1 second and the Cofoe Infrared Thermometer will give you an accurate reading! "



Germany precision probes, accuracy ±0.2℃.

Just 1second can give you an accurate temperature reading.

Three color to information lights provides the temperature standard of health for the patient that's having their temperature reading tested:

GREEN - Good Sign Of Heath. You're Good To Go! || ORANGE - Your OK But Please See Doctor Immediately! || RED - Bad Sign Of Health! Move Away Towards Hospital Immediately!

The Cofoe Infrared Thermometer gets the best accurate temperature readings because of it's 2 Modes which allows us to capture temperatures of almost anything you can think of! Or that you can of think of that you would need to get an accurate temperature reading for. What's the last weird thing you took a temperature reading of? People take some pretty weird readings of some pretty weird stuff guys! In any case, these Two Modes are:

 Object Mode

Non Living or Inanimate Objects.

Most commonly used for:

Warm or cold recipes that requires precise temperatures to create successfully.

Boiling water temperature readings. Usually, we think only of boiling pots of water in the kitchen but in fact, this simplest and oldest of techniques can be used for many places or reasons.

Such as boiling for purification or to create steam which is converted in to actual energy and many more industrial uses. What others do you know of or heard something about?

Body Temp Mode 

Adults, Children and Babies 

"Body Temp Mode" is for the obvious use on human beings to determine an individuals body temperature within the shortest amount of time required in order to provide an extremely accurate or closest to near exact temperature reading.

The Cofoe gives your staff, students, staff or family a massive health advantage with this device! 

Can also be used on animals but this is not recommended... even if those animal readings are extremely accurate.

The Cofoe Forehead & Wrist Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer can show you temperature readings in both ℃/℉.

PLEASE NOTE: Batteries are not included due to travel and transport reasons.