Notice Updates | Delivery, Availability, COVID-19


LAST UPDATE: 21 January 2021

Here at EcstaTech, we are dedicated to providing the best customer transparency and support for to our customers. This is why we have created this notice page which will be updated regularly to keep our customers and visitors informed of any major internal company updates which at this time is mainly focused on COVID-19 Delays. Unfortunately these delays can occur faster than even the bigger companies like Takealot, Wish and even Amazon can expect. We do however promise to give you as our valued customer the best possible clarity and up to date notices for you and all our customers to follow so that we can continue to strengthen the bridge of trust between our services and you, our loyal consumers. 


We are currently expecting delivery times for all South African orders to average between 8-20 days, however, this can at any time escalate to up to 45 days which is a higher than average expectancy but is included in this notice for customer clarity and honesty . This higher than average delivery time expectancy is due to the unstable and unforeseen CORONA effects on businesses at a global scale which ultimately affects the entire industries delivery times.


We will continue to provide excellent service as best we can to all of our customers and to continue to provide clarity and up to date notices to all of our customers and staff.

We urge you as a valued customer to please direct any concerns or ask any questions you may have to our support team at

We, at EcstaTech sincerely thank each and every one of you and wish you all a safe and prosperous year ahead.